Zone Cabling & Wireless Enclosures ? to create consolidation points in your network for reduced cost of cable configurations

  • Enclosed for security and safety
  • UL?nbsp;Listed
  • Suitable for low-voltage and active applications
  • Can be used in air handling spaces
  • Various styles available to suit your needs
    • Ceiling Systems ? Recessed into acoustical ceiling grids for aesthetically integrated installation
    • Under-Floor Systems  ?designed to integrate into standard 2?x 2?raised floor grids
    • Wall-Mount Zone & Wireless Enclosures ?part of the Wall-Mount Enclosed Systems offerings



Wall-Mount Enclosed Systems ? for added security when storing equipment outside the data room

  • Mountable to wall or backboard
  • Enclosed with lockable doors for security and aesthetic appeal
  • 19?rack-mount width
  • EIA-310-D-Universal hole spacing
  • Fixed and swing-out designs for easier installation
  • Wall-mounted, floor-supported cabinets offer 1,000 lb load rating




Wall-Mount Open Systems ? cost-effective wall racks for equipment mounting

  • Mountable to wall or backboard
  • Open architecture for airflow and easy access to cables
  • Support of patch panels and network equipment with roll-formed #12-24 tapped mounting holes
  • 19?or 23?rack-mount width
  • High-strength, lightweight aluminum construction (most models)
  • EIA-310-D-Universal hole spacing
  • Fixed and swing-out designs for easier installation



Modular Furniture Racks  ? two-post mounting systems that fit inside your modular furniture

  • Designed for use with HermanMiller? Ethospace?nbsp;system modular furniture
  • A variety of models available to match wall panel size
  • Multiple 1 RMU x 19"W spaces to support patch panels and equipment
  • Easy access to cabling ports with patch panels facing upward and active components hanging vertically
  • For safe, space-saving use of racks in office locations