PC-based Tools for Communications

Avaya IP Office personal productivity solutions provide
visual and point-and-click access to call functions.
Personal productivity applications available with IP
Office include SoftConsole, Phone Manager and Phone
Manager PC Softphone..

SoftConsole—SoftConsole is the PC-based operator console that provides a visible display of call information and PC-based call handling. SoftConsole enables phone operators/receptionists to answer, route and manage incoming calls from the screen of their PCs. It also provides login options for back-up operator PCs. SoftConsole users can simultaneously view caller information, directory information (for point-and-click routing), held calls and company-wide phone status.

Phone Manager—The Phone Manager application offers control of the telephone from the user’s PC. Phone
Manager is available in three versions: Phone Manager Lite, Phone Manager Pro and Phone Manager PC
Softphone (VoIP mode).

Phone Manager Lite
is a free IP Office application that allows all employees visual access to features
and capabilities, including setting up/holding conference calls. Phone Manager Lite works with affordable analog
and entry-level digital or IP phones—while still offering advanced telephone functionality via a networked desktop PC.

Phone Manager Pro builds upon Phone Manager Lite by offering additional features, including integration with
contact management packages for screen popping, voicemail control with VoiceMail Pro, and personal phone
number directory.

Phone Manager PC Softphone
offers the same GUI interface as Phone Manager Pro. The difference is that no phone terminal is needed—conversation actually takes place via the user's PC. (The physical setup must include a headset/microphone connected to the PC’s soundcard or USB port.) Phone Manager PC Softphone offers a
significant advantage for mobile users with remote access to the LAN—who can use a “phone within their laptop” with all the features available as in the office.


• Simple point and click access to commonly used communications features

• Enhances productivity

• Supports more effective call handling—increasing customer satisfaction

• Save money—combine Phone Manager applications with entry-level phones

• PC Softphone supports mobile, traveling workers. Lowers long-distance costs. Makes it easier for travelers to stay in touch with co-workers and customers