More than 1 million businesses have turned to the Avaya PARTNER® Advanced Communications System. Why? Because the PARTNER system delivers what growing businesses really need. Great call coverage. Flexible messaging options. A selection of stylish and functional phones. The ability to connect a wide range of accessories. With PARTNER ACS, it’s not only about communications; it’s about helping your business grow.
Check out all of the ways the Avaya PARTNER system can add value to your business:
Professionalism, Efficiency and Customer Service—

Get the 24/7 communications support that sets your company apart, along with tools to make every customer feel like your most important customer.
  A System That Grows With Your Success—Expand

Expand to up to 48 extensions. Adapt your system with plug-in modules for messaging, record-a-call and more.
Choices in Telephones and Accessories—

Choose from a selection of display phones, wireless phones and a receptionist console. Connect a wide range of accessories.
Quality and Experience You Can Depend On—

PARTNER ACS was invented at AT&T’s Bell Laboratories, where so many of the innovations that have changed business communications got their start.
Professionalism, Efficiency and Customer Service

Your phone system is your front door—it’s where
impressions are formed and business gets done. Rely
on the PARTNER system to give you a full-set of
capabilities that will enhance your professionalism,
efficiency and customer service.

Connecting callers to the right person

Your callers want to get to the right person quickly, with a minimum of hassle. The PARTNER system makes it happen:

• Equip a receptionist to answer, direct and monitor the status of all calls.

• Rely on an automated attendant to answer and route calls automatically.

• Cover calls from any extension.

The PARTNER system is flexible—use a receptionist AND an auto attendant as needed. You can also give callers the option of dialing any extension directly.*

*Requires ASA/DXD module.
Simplifying Your Communications

Because it’s a “key system” the PARTNER
system makes it easy to cover calls.

Incoming lines appear on buttons and ring
at specific phones (you choose which ones.)
That makes it easier for people to pitch in and answer calls—especially during busy periods.

It’s also easy to make calls. There’s no need to dial a code (usually 9)—just pick up the phone and start dialing.

Even Caller ID is easier on the PARTNER system. How? The PARTNER system was designed for Caller ID: there’s no need to purchase
separate Caller ID devices.
  Keeping everyone in touch

Because you never know when an important call will come in, your phone system needs to keep you in touch. When you are out of the office, program the system to find you and let you know that a message is waiting. Forward calls to your cell or home. When you are down the hall or out in the warehouse—take a PARTNER wireless phone with you. And remember, you can rely on the PARTNER messaging system to greet callers and take messages 24/7.

Helping everyone work better

You work hard. Your phone system should eliminate the hassles that keep you from being productive. The PARTNER speakerphone and hands-free answer on intercom
make it easy to make and take calls. Conference co-workers, customers and others on the fly. See voice mail and e-mail together—no more hunting in multiple mailboxes.

Easily Handle Calls

Easily Handle CallsNever miss a call—rely on PARTNER to distribute calls quickly, accurately and cost-effectively in the way that works best for your business.

Messaging, Conferencing, and More

Access voice mail without dialing in. Save and forward voice messages the way you do e-mail. Conference up to 5 people. See your voice mail and email together.

Connect External Accessories

Connect a wide range of accessories (fax, other phones, credit card readers)—no adapters or extra lines needed.

Roam Wirelessly Around the Office

Move around your office and take your calls with you using a full-featured PARTNER wireless phone.

Record a Call

Record important calls with the touch of a button.

Safely Back-up and Restore Data

Get system-wide backup & restore functionality—no need for a PC. Administer your system remotely,

Get OneNumber Reachability

Program PARTNER ACS to have calls ring on your cell phone and take a message if you don’t answer.
Consolidate Connections
Get more phone lines for less—connect PARTNER ACS to the same T1 line you use for high speed Internet access.

Roam Wirelessly Around the Office

When you choose the PARTNER system you also get to choose from a selection of great PARTNER phones, including 6-, 18-, and 34-button desksets (with and without displays)—available in black or titanium white in a new, sleek stylish design.
Also choose wireless phones, an attendant console and plenty of accessory devices (including doorphones, headsets, and contact closures).

Transfer a call…set up a conference call…create a list of frequently dialed numbers—PARTNER telephones make it easy. It’s also simple to connect standard devices—no extra lines or adapters needed.
A System That Grows With Your Success

As a business grows, so does its need for
communications. The last thing you want is for
your communications system to get in the way of
your business success.

The PARTNER system is big enough to let you grow—but not so big that you are stuck buying excess capacity or capabilities that you don’t need.

• Start with just 2 extensions—grow to 48.

• Begin with just a single incoming line, grow to 24.

• Consolidate lines on a T1 link.

• Use the 2 card slots to add applications or upgrade to the latest release of system software.

You Can Rely on Avaya

For more information about how the Avaya PARTNER system can benefit your business.

  Stay Open for Business

Power outages, fluctuations and other disruptions are a fact of life. But they don’t need to get in the way of your communications:

• Calls can be made or received, even if power
is lost, using the two Power Failure Transfer
(PFT) ports.

• Battery backup means all your system programming remains, even in the event of power failure.

• Additionally, all system programming can be
saved and reloaded using the Backup and
Restore capability.

Qualiy and Over 100 Years of Experience

The PARTNER system delivers reliable technology at an affordable price. Originally developed at AT&T’s Bell Laboratories—home to so many of the innovations that have shaped modern communications (the company that is now Avaya was originally part of AT&T)—more than a million PARTNER systems have been sold.