Options for Voice mail, E-mail and More

Messaging applications are vital for businesses that want to ensure that every call is answered, even after hours or when everyone is busy, and that messages are properly and efficiently managed. IP Office offers several messaging applications—VoiceMail Lite, Embedded VoiceMail and VoiceMail Pro—supporting features such
as automated attendant, voicemail, unified messaging and networked messaging.

Automated attendant—Greets callers, provides information via recorded messages and routes them to the
appropriate extension. IP Office attendant solutions can be customized to handle calls in different ways at
different times.

Voicemail—Enables employees, customers and collaborators to send and receive information, wherever they are
located, at any time of day or night. For example, employees and managers can send/forward messages to one or more mailboxes, address messages by name or extension, or use the built-in directory. The messaging system can be set up to automatically “find” you and let you know you have a new message.

Unified messaging—Access voicemail and e-mail in one mailbox and see all your messages together. Get your
voicemail attached to e-mail and access it remotely on your PC without having to dial into the phone system.
Save and forward voice messages the way you do e-mail. Hear e-mails read out over the phone.
Networked messaging—You can network multiple IP Office systems and administer the entire messaging network
from one central location. Networked offices can even synchronize directories for automatic updating.
Primary Benefits

Customer service—Help ensure that business-critical calls get through and reach the rightperson, extension
or department, every time.

Efficiency and productivity—Handle calls quickly during peak calling periods and streamline call routing. Screen calls, so users can see who is calling without interrupting important tasks.

Keep growing—Start basic and expand with additional capacity and applications when
and if you need them.
Avaya Advantage
Every IP Office platform
comes complete with basic
voicemail (VoiceMail Lite)
and can be easily upgraded
to a more comprehensive
application: VoiceMail Pro.