Audio Bridge and Web-based Conferencing Center

Avaya IP Office conferencing applications provide a private audio-conference bridge for communicating with a large number of people, as well as optional Web-based conferencing capabilities via the Conferencing Center add-on. Businesses can have up to 128 people conferencing simultaneously on multiple conference calls.

Built-in conferencing—Arrange telephone conferences with internal and/or invited external participants. Conference calls can be planned in advance or arranged on the spot. New participants can be added while a conference is in progress. All a participant has to do is dial the telephone number reserved for the conference bridge. No special conferencing equipment is required.

Conferencing with Phone Manager
—Using the IP Office Phone Manager application, employees can easily set up an immediate conference call from their PC screen, as well as dial the participants and keep control of who is on the call.Conferencing with VoiceMail Pro—The IP Office VoiceMail Pro messaging application enables enhanced conferencing management and security, including the use of PIN (personal identification number) codes.

Web capability with Conferencing Center
—The Conferencing Center application adds simple Web-based management and information sharing capabilities to IP Office Conferencing. With Conferencing Center, conferences can be scheduled and confirmed by e-mail using the Web Scheduler, or set up ad hoc. Documents and presentations can be saved in HTML format and published to the Web (by the host) for real-time viewings and briefings (complementing the audio conference).


Cost-effective—Conference calls reduce travel, and wasted time.

Flexible—Regular conference calls keep everyone in today’s “virtual enterprise” working together.

Productivity—IP Office conferencing applications create more effective working practices,
leading to shorter project times and increased employee productivity

ROI—If your company currently schedules audio conferences using third party providers on a regular
basis, the return on investment in IP Office conferencing applications can be quick. For example, a company that holds just a couple of one-hour-long conference calls a day with 4 participants (or any equivalent), can see ROI in as little as 9-10 weeks, depending on location and provider fees.
Avaya Advantage
With the IP Office Conferencing Soulution businesses can have one solution for their
communications and conferencing needs, eliminating fees to service providers.