Avaya 5400 series digital telephones deliver advanced productivity-boosting features, including a large display, key labeling and a 100-entry call log. They are designed to be a cost-effective choice for any business or contact center using IP Office.
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The Avaya 5400 series digital telephones come standard with the following capabilities:

• The 5400 series Digital telephones simplify access to important features with:

– 10 fixed feature keys with global-ready icons: Hold, Conference, Transfer, Drop, Redial, Mute, Volume up/down, Speaker, Message and Feature (to access additional dial pad features)

– Up to 24 programmable call appearance/feature keys that are electronically labeled

– 4 menu/display navigation keys (5410 and 5420 only)

• Call log and Speed dials

• Speakerphone (listen-only on 5402)• Message Waiting Indicator

• Built-in headset jack (5410 and 5420 only)

• 8 personalized ring patterns

• Hearing aid compatibility

• Investment protection with downloadable firmware (5410 and 5420 only)

• Wall mountable with included desk/wall mount stand

• Local language customization for phone menu (5410 and 5420 only)

The 5400 series telephones bring Avaya state-of-the-art technology directly to your desktop, delivering efficient service, superior voice quality, along with cutting-edge communications features. Label-less call appearance/feature keys simplify administration. Local call log and speed dial directory enhance productivity.
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