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Network Audio Server
The NAS-2.3(rev2) is an advanced network audio server that is also remarkably easy to use. A graphical music management system and custom playlists are just two of the many features that make it a family favorite.

Superior Music Management
The NAS-2.3rev2 stores up to 1,400 of your audio CDs on its internal hard disc drive. Disc information (such as Artist, Album, and Genre) and the album�s cover art, are automatically retrieved from the Internet or directly from the CD itself. Music is then sorted by these categories or using custom playlists that you create. In addition, you may also �pull� music from the server to a PC for creating custom CDs and transferring files to handheld music players.

Multi-Room Playback
Adding stand-alone Net-Tune "clients" or receivers gives independent music access to other rooms in the house � each room can play a different song on the server� at the same time!

Intuitive Operation
It's as simple to use as a CD player! An attractive on-screen display (viewable through your television), front panel controls, and full-function remote provide streamlined access to your favorite tracks. The NAS-2.3rev2 will take the guesswork out of finding your music.

Easy Integration
This server is "well connected." It offers a variety of audio and video outputs, and is compatible with multi-room controllers from leading manufacturers. A new level of multi-room audio capabilities� A new standard for connectivity and control. They come together beautifully in the remarkable NAS-2.3rev2.