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"Built-To-Order" THX Ultra2 Home Theater Receiver
�Unique� � being without a like or equal. The DTR-10.5�s cutting edge technology, card-based architecture, and upgradeable hardware & software give you a home theater centerpiece that outperforms all others.

The DTR-10.5 is the world�s first home theater receiver built around a modular, card-based architecture. Integra will work with your professional installer or retailer to configure the receiver�s various connections and features to suit the specific needs of your home theater. It lives up to its flagship status with a family of plug and play card options, upgradeable software, and PC configuration program. This truly is a home theater receiver for the next generation.

Ease of Use
Integra has always been recognized for building products that are easy-to-use and integrate flawlessly into home control systems. The DTR-10.5 is no exception. Therefore while it contains the latest technologies and features, a host of control options allow for seamless operation through touchpanels, keypads, and other user interfaces. The end result is a powerful, advanced home theater system that remains simple to enjoy.